Tan Hai Nyugen

Our Accounting Genie from Vietnam, Tan Hai, is one of the best accountants this world has seen.

Never has one explained the current status of a company, and been so correct about it just by looking at a sheet of numbers like he did. His love for odds, numbers and supporting the team can be seen in whatever he takes on. Be it marketing, service, culinary, housekeeping and even paintball, there was never a case in which he did not shine as the main supporting pillar in the team. Quick and efficient is the way he works, and so are his solutions. Tan Hai and Nenad, along with others, lead a head on revolution against the slacking quality of the school they attended, by making memorable projects that sometimes got them in trouble, for being brutally honest. After all, Tradition Import Export is all about honesty and fair trade, so it is only natural that they teamed up.